Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Leadership Workshop

             We are fortunate enough to be invited to a Leadership Workshop in May to learn skills for 
             leading Jump Jam fitness sessions.  Your child has been chosen as he/she has been actively 
             involved in Jump Jam leadership and competition.  It is a fantastic opportunity to gain skills 
             for the annual competitions and is, in fact, run by one of the judges.  We will have first-hand                                information!

             We require transport to this event in Hastings on Tuesday May 20th at 12 noon.  We will leave 
             school at 12 noon to travel to Mayfair School and be back at school by 3.00pm.  
             (1111 Willowpark Road North, Mayfair, Hastings.)  
             The cost is $10 per person.  

             Please return your permission slips by Thursday 15 May.

Tough Guy & Gal Challenge Helpers

          Although this is early in the Jump Jam competition process and we don’t know who will make 
          the National finals in competitions, there is always money to be found for Jump Jam.  The 
          headsets only last about 2 years before they need replacing, the sound system is used at least 
          3 or 4 times per week, costumes may be required and the disks often need replacing (they are not                       cheap!).
          However, we have stumbled across an excellent fundraising opportunity.  The ‘Junior Tough Guy
          and Gal Challenge’ is coming up in May (Friday 23rd) and we will be required to provide 15
          marshals and registration staff for the day.  Many of our children will be entered.  The following 
         is the brief I have been given.
                             10 staff – Registration
                                       9.00am             Briefing in Clifton Woolshed
                                       9.20am             Registration – all 10 staff
                                      10.30am          3 staff – Finalise registration & then finish line.
                                                                 4 staff – Set up one drink station for half way.
                                                                 3 staff – Become course marshals
                                       5 staff – Parking then course marshals
                                       9.00am             Briefing in Clifton Woolshed
                                       9.20am             Parking – all 5 staff
                                       10.30am          Marshal positions on course
                                      All 15 staff
                                      1.00pm             Clean up please.  Should be finished by 2pm.

             Thanks to those people who have offered help.  If you can help or know someone else who can, please 
             let Mrs Jensen know by email:  sue@haumoana.school.nz 

             Check out the Tough Guy website - it will be a fantastic event to be involved in:


Friday, 28 March 2014


Over the past few weeks we have been auditioning for the competitions to be held in August - Idol, X-Factor and Challenge Team.

A short list has been decided on, and auditions will continue as we begin to choose routines to learn and perfect, and start learning techniques for leading and performing.

Congratulations to those people who have succeeded in making the short list. Keep working hard in order to progress through to the next stage.

  1. Turn up to practices or let Mrs Jensen know of other commitments.
  2. Work together - encouraging each other and speaking nicely.
  3. Listen carefully to instructions and feedback.
  4. Try new ideas to provide variety for the audience.
  5. Connect with the audience.
  6. Use BIG moves - really exaggerate them.
I am looking forward to this year's competitions with lots of new talent emerging.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Star Jam contribution

An organisation for disabled people is holding an excellent fundraising event in August.  This will be a Jump Jam session aimed at raising money for these people.  Visit the Star Jam website for further details.  I am very pleased to be involved with this.

Leadership Course

For all you budding leaders and future competitors, there is a leadership workshop available for you to attend in May!  Judges from Brett Fairweather's Jump Jam will be there to teach you leadership skills and tricks.  This is very exciting as this opportunity has not been available for a few years.  You will learn how to lead like a professional (if you aren't already!!) and your new skills will help immensely in your competitions.  Watch this space for further details.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Week 4 Roster

Jump Jam Leaders this week

Lily S-E
Liam Mc

Sunday, 16 February 2014

New roster

Thanks to all those children who have committed to Working Interdependently to lead Jump Jam fitness sessions.  Your help is valuable and the programme could not run without you.  The first team up this week have been very responsible and great role models for other teams.  Also, thanks to those people who stepped up at the last minute on Wednesday when many of the leaders were involved in the Weetbix Triathlon.
Jump Jam Leaders this week.  
Please meet in Room 1 at lunchtime on Monday to practice.